About Lavender Acres

Who are we?

Lavender Acres is a ficticious company created for a college capstone project. You can not buy essential oils here. This page was created for a final grade and is being kept online as part of the portfolio for Unicorn Point. Unicorn Point is the personal website of Dawn Summerall, a computer science student and web developer.

Where can I get more information about Unicorn Point?

You can visit the Unicorn Point Website for more information about this and other projects.

What are essential Oils?

Essential oils are fragrant compounds extracted from plants that are famed for their holistic properties. Some oils are thought to have physical healing properties. For example, clove can numb a toothache, mint can block the pain signal and citronella can repel mosquitoes. It is also believed that difusing essential oils or using them topically in diluted form can provide emotional and nervous system benefits. Essential oils can be used in many ways and in many situations.

Where can I get more information about essential oils?

Here are some links to resources about essential oils.

  • AromaWeb is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about essential oils. They have tons of recipes.
  • Aura Cacia is a mid-range priced essential oils company with a long history and strong principles.
  • Doterra is a high end essential oils company with a large variety of beautiful products.